Atlantis Equencia Canada Inc.; is a second-generation seafood company that has been in the processing and catching industry and with a combine experience of over 60 years. Past owners of seafood processing plants and fishing vessels in Canada, USA, and Europe.

High-quality seafood

Atlantis Equencia Canada Inc. is a multinational importer/exporter, distributor, and marketer of high-quality seafood worldwide. A second-generation family business with long standing in the fishing industry. We contract trawlers and long liners, catcher processing vessels, shore-based processing plants in the fishing and processing of our products.

Atlantis Equencia Canada Inc. provides a variety of products and packaging services from raw material for reprocessing to food service and retail industry. Our distribution channel is designed to continually exceed the unique requirements of the market and match the global demand for seafood products.

A passion for providing seafood

Our passion for providing seafood of uncompromising quality drives us to continually excel at supplying the most in-demand seasonal, gourmet and staple seafood items available along the Pacific Northwest and other regions.

Atlantis Equencia Canada Inc. remains committed to a sustainable future and are proud to be part of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

Visit our products pages where you will find a variety of sustainably caught MSC-certified fish and seafood products.

Our Vision

Atlantis Equencia Canada Inc. wants to your source supplier of frozen seafood by delivering fish and seafood directly to or in co-operation with selected partners. It is our obligation to always secure the highest quality products and on-time delivery from the sea to our customers all over the world.

VIP Service – Vested in Partnership

We built Atlantis Equencia Canada Inc. on integrity, quality, and exceptional service. Our Partnerships and long-term sales & marketing agreements are made only with suppliers exacting the same high standards. Ongoing investment in sustainable fisheries secures our ability to consistently provide you with the best seafood in the world today and for years to come.